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A Comparison Between Indica And Sativa

Weed, which has tons of other street names is actually either one of two species, Cannabis sativa or Cannabis indica. Telling the difference between the two strains, however is not that easy. Those who have used it regularly usually can tell the difference though. Basically, each of the strain comes with its own set of effects and both of them have been used for medicinal purposes. Here is how you can tell the difference between the two.

One of the major difference is the fact that the flavor is very different though only a handful of experienced weed users can tell. The two strains are also different when it comes to how they react in your body upon consumption, one leaves your body relaxed while the other gives your body a burst of energy. Quite the contradicting effect between the two where the users can both be said to have used weed but the flavor is completely different and the resultant effects are also completely different.

Indica and sativa do not originate from the same geographic location which is one of the differences between them. Indica originates from the Middle East while sativa was grown in South America and Southeast Asia, mostly around the equator. Another difference that is very visible when the plant is growing is the shape of the leaves. Marijuana leaves have very distinct shapes but the indica plant has a broader leaf compared to sativa. Indica leaves are broad while the sativa plant has very slender leaves.

When they grow to maturity, you will be able to tell the difference easily. Indica is a short plant and even when mature, it will not be tall. Sativa on the other hand grows very talk making them ideal for outdoors. Indica takes a shorter time to start flowering and produce buds. Sativa on the other hand takes longer which means it will be harvested later than indica.

Another difference that purely distinguishes Indica and sativa is the size of their plants and it is widely used as a factor to differentiate the two. Sativa has a bigger plant than Indica. It is obvious that Indica has a smaller plant and it affects its production. The size of the plant determines how much sativa and Indica shall be harvested planted on the same size of land. So, sativa plant will give you more compared to Indica.

Another difference that you should take into account is that they all have different effects and there is need for an individual to plan ahead of time. Indica and sativa can prevent one from undertaking different tasks as they have different effects. There is also the aspect of pain relieving and also can be used to cure other illnesses. Relieving fatigue is done more effectively when using sativa. Indica on the other hand is known to be effective on anxiety as well as lack of sleep.

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